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Tootsie Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (2.8 Stars)

Number of reviews: 41



5.0 star rating Regina from Washington, District of Columbia


Truly laughed all the way through! What wonderful talent. I certainly wouldn’t take little kids- lots of swearing! But fine for teenagers and up!

5.0 star rating George from Greenville, South Carolina


Saw the show last night with my wife and we had the best time. First show we’ve seen at the Peace Center in almost two years, and it was wonderful. Hilarious cast, funny script.

5.0 star rating Monique from Atlanta, Georgia


Had the best time last night with my husband at Tootsie! Everyone in the audience seemed to agree! Go see this play if it comes to a town near you!

5.0 star rating Sami Taylor from Austin, Texas


My friends and I went to see tootsie yesterday and we totally loved it. Compared to the other shows I’ve seen, it is one of my favorites. So funny and awesome. Yeah, go see this!

5.0 star rating David from Kansas City, Missouri


Had a wonderful time seeing this show a while back, and just came across this forum. Would definitely recommend seeing this cast if it comes to a town near you.

5.0 star rating Brianna from San Antonio, Texas


My mom and I went to see the matinee today and laughed so hard. Our neighbor recommended the show after they saw it earlier this week. Sad that they were only in town for a week. The parking downtown was so annoying though.

5.0 star rating Susan Zylberman from Hartford, Connecticut


Absolutely loved it! Laughed from beginning to end!

5.0 star rating from Schenectady, New York


Saw Tootsie on 04/15/2023. We laughed ourselves silly!!!!!

5.0 star rating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Funny, entertaining, clever, well cast! Really enjoyed the show!

4.0 star rating Beth hillin from Atlanta, Georgia


Play ok but I did expect more… if I hadn’t seen the movie I might have graded it better.. also trying g to keep warm in the theatre took away from play.. I realize it was 30 degrees outside but people were saying inside was equally cold to outside… hopefully fox will get air problem corrected.. no fun paying those prices and sitting in cold for 3 hrs…

4.0 star rating Anonymous from Tucson, Arizona


The musical and cast itself was actually pretty awesome. I couldn’t enjoy it to its full capacity though because Centennial Hall had some issues. There was this weird monitor that the first couple of rows could see and it was distracting. And there was a lot of sound issues with crackling microphones and random popping noises. I wanted to enjoy this musical because there was a lot of talent and very funny lines but I was too mad about all the other issues because I kept thinking about how much I paid for my ticket.

4.0 star rating Tammi Lake from Saratoga Springs NY


I guess I wasn't prepared for the script to differ so much from the movie. I couldn't figure out the time period. The apartment sets even seemed to be in a different time from each other! I enjoyed the performances. This was the last show and I saw no sign of fatigue. The costumes?? They were the most confusing. I almost think the actors would have been better off wearing their own clothes for most of the scenes. Proctors is of course a lovely theatre. I wasn't thrilled to see a dog brought to the show. Really?

4.0 star rating CAROLYN from Los Angeles, California


There were moments when hearing was difficult but I have had the same problem with several of this year's productions so I think it is the Theater's problem. This show was FABULOUS!! It was clever, funny, and very entertaining!

4.0 star rating L. Adkins from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


We saw Tootsie last Saturday, if you like Broadway musicals, you will enjoy the show, if you are expecting the plot of the movie, you will be disappointed. That said, we liked it very much. The cast was talented and I was thrilled to see so much diversity in the cast! My husband especially enjoyed the "You f'd it Up" number. Finally a musical song he understands he laughs. It was a great night out for a couple.

3.0 star rating Paul Richard Jr from New Orleans, Louisiana


Started as you might expect building the story and saving the better moments. The cast is superb and talented. The middle of the show is unfortunately the "climax". The latter part of the second act just dies in impact, song and humor that it takes away from the experience. Julia has an amazing voice but the score doesn't let her shine. Sandy Is amazing and was a big part of the enjoyment factor. In conclusion, if your easy going and enjoy the theater, you will be satisfied. If your more particular and need spectacular, try Netflix.

3.0 star rating Stu H from Atlanta, Georgia


Overall, funny, fun, enjoyable but a bit weak in spots. Good music and sets but the dialog was sometimes hard to hear. Roommate Jeff stole the show! Needed more of a spark and consistency.

3.0 star rating Bill from Tulsa, Oklahoma


Acting was pretty good and there was definitely some good chuckles throughout. However, I don’t believe the vocals or the dancing were very good.

3.0 star rating Gloria Purdy from Tucson, Arizona


The music was too loud for the individual performers. When there was no music there was clarity with the actor but the orchestra played too loud and over road the voices. That was not good

3.0 star rating Stephen from Los Angeles, California


Not a great show. Failed attempt to leverage a great movie and the “feminist” statement was weak. The dancers were good but the numbers felt like they were just throw in. Most of the songs were forgettable.

3.0 star rating C. Molinari from Sarasota, Florida


No matter how talented the cast is, they couldn't make up for a bad script. I loved the original movie but was so disapponted with this version. This seems to be a pattern in this seasons "remake" musical versions of movie comedies.

2.0 star rating JR Norton from New Orleans, Louisiana


Based on the applause factor, i felt like the performance was enjoyed by the many, however, I found the subtle messaging and the new progressive wave reflected in the casting and performance way more than I can handle. Would have been a decent high school play, but way off target for my expectations.

2.0 star rating Anne from Baltimore, Maryland


The first part was enjoyable, but it fell flat. I had a hard time stayng awake during the second half. The two secondary characters were way better than the stars. I had trouble understanding the lead when he played Dorothy. He sure didn't have the lines from the film. Just a lot of fluff. Costumes were great and also the set.

2.0 star rating Don from San Diego, California


Save your money for a decent alternative. My wife and I considered leaving at the Intermission. Of interest, there was a group of three people sitting beside us and they thought the program to be full and lacking talent and entertainment value.

2.0 star rating Anonymous from Costa Mesa, California


My husband and I saw this today . We are both fans of the movie .. and were definitely expecting a comedy . While there were some laughs .. we both yawned more than we laughed . The supporting characters were good, but Michael/Dorothy was less than for us . There is not a song that you can remotely remember when you leave .. and I have no want to listen to it again.

2.0 star rating Sharon from Providence, Rhode Island


Find the movie on Netflix. Michael/Dorothy was over dramatic, perhaps over directed. Dorothy just looked like Michael with a dress on. If you saw the movie, you would probably agree that Julie was miscast. She has a decent voice but in my opinion inappropriate for the role. Jeff and Sandy were terrific but they couldn’t carry two poor leads. Actor in Max’s role was very good but even he couldn’t save this. The score is forgettable and no one left humming a tune. Dance numbers were fine but seemed to just fill space and time. The ending was not a “get up on your feet clapping” but rather “get up on your feet walking out”. These young people work very hard but this’ show is awful.

2.0 star rating Susan from Cincinnati, Ohio


Had several laughs, however they were overshadowed by the poorly written dialogue and the many, many ho ho hum moments throughout. The lead actor worked as Tootsie , yet his singing and speaking parts without the wig were lacking to the point of being irritating. This play really drags on. The only reason I gave it two stars was the wonderful performance of Jeff. I usually love live theater, but not this one.

2.0 star rating Sandy from Cincinnati, Ohio


We enjoy so much seeing plays at the Aronoff in Cincinnati! Tootsie, however, was a complete miss tonight. The singing - by Sandy especially - was so shrill, it was headache inducing. The play itself fell flat even though it seemed that everyone was overacting. The dancing was mediocre and the songs weren’t memorable in a good way. . It was very disappointing and we left at intermission. Very unusual! Normally we leave feeling very upbeat from a wonderful musical!

2.0 star rating Sarah from Cincinnati, Ohio


A few bright spots - crazy girlfriend and buff guy who Falls for Dorothy but the rest were weak performances. Definitely not worth a ticket price.

2.0 star rating Linda from Dallas, Texas


I’m such a fan of the film, but I was very disappointed with the musical. Although some changes were reasonable, there were too many changes that made no sense at all. They should change the title and start over.

1.0 star rating Audey Curtis from Atlanta, Georgia


After 2 years of pandemic sheltering we ventured out to the Fabulous Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta for the Friday night performance of "Tootsie". Our hopes were soon dashed as the curtain opened and the show fizzled its way through the opening number. It got worse as the night went on! So bad, we left in the middle of the first act.... couldn't take the agony!! These people should be ashamed of themselves. Boo!

1.0 star rating Ashley from Denver, Colorado


There were some funny zingers, and some talented actors-but Michael/Dorothy fell flat, the story was all Over the place, hard to follow, and the misogyny, transphobia and sexism was literally voiced in the lines of the show. The music was ok but super repetitive, As a long time Broadway show enthusiast, both in New York and locally in Denver, it’s the first time I have walked out at intermission, this show should have ended when the pandemic started.

1.0 star rating Nancy Williams from San Jose, California


Very disappointed! The writing was very entertaining but the songs were so boring! The actor portraying Tootsie was 1 star! At first it was funny but as time went on, it got worse! We never walk out. We think it is disrespectful. Never say never because we left with several others during intermission.

1.0 star rating JJ from West Palm Beach, Florida


So disappointed in the performance at the Kravis Center in Palm Beach. First, the sound system continues to get worse with each production this year? Tootsie was so miscast. We appreciate the individual talented actors but in a million years there would be no chemistry between Dorothy and Juliet. Truly feel sorry for those involved in this show

1.0 star rating Mike from West Palm Beach, Florida


Let’s skip to the 2nd Act due to my lack of interest in the first…a little boring for me.. Choreography and Music were sadly forgettable except for the rhythm and blues number performed by Julie.. However I give 3 stars to the orchestra in the pit which outshined the performances.Overacted at times. 0 chemistry between the 2 principal actors. In fairness there were a few funny moments and it’s not entirely the actors faults that they had to cope with the hand dealt to them.

1.0 star rating Caroline from Sarasota, Florida


Never leaving a show at intermission; I could not believe that such a well-known theater in which we have never seen a bad show there had such a deplorable cast; the stage presence was mediocre at best; the singing and plot absolutely boring. I felt that they should have paid us to watch the production. Thus definitely was a dud on Van Wezel.

1.0 star rating from Sarasota, Florida


Poor performance. No beauty, no talent, no performance, no style, no mastery. Such performance is disrespectful to audience

1.0 star rating Anonymous from Hartford, Connecticut


The acting, singing, dancing, blocking, casting, directing, and scenery were substandard. Barely at the high school level. The lead was a male and female. While I respect the effort to be socially progressive, the effort fell flat! One of the worst plays I've seen! Left at intermission. A total bomb!

1.0 star rating Jane B. from Cincinnati, Ohio


We left at intermission. Not impressed with the cast or substance of the musical.

1.0 star rating Tony Rains from St. Louis, Missouri


I don't know where to begin. This eclectic collection of actors provided a community college performance. The cast or should I say mis-cast had zero synergy. It actually reminded me of a high school play where you have a small pool of people to choose from and 3/4 of the actors are out of place. Juliet was so miscast I felt sorry for her. The direction was HORRIBLE. The choreography was as bad as I've ever seen. Dancers weren't in sync, spacing was terrible, blocking was just as bad. Has Drew Becker ever acted or sang on stage before? The worst actor was Payton Reilly. She screeched her way to the end. I didn't understand 1/2 of what she said. I'm grateful my tickets were free. The best part of the show was the Fabulous Fox Theater. What a gorgeous building.

1.0 star rating Jean Verban from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Very disappointed in the show. Considered leaving after first act, but stayed, thinking it might get better. It didn’t.

1.0 star rating SN from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


By community theater standards this show sucks. The singing by most of the cast was bad and the lead actor was terrible. Acting was awkward and the characters’ timing was off. Nothing came across as believable, funny or charming. By Broadway theater standards the show was a disaster; even the scenery and staging was average at best and trite most often. Looking at the cast credits I noticed that many identified cruise line shows in their history. Perhaps the ship they were on ran aground in Milwaukee so they just continue on at the Uhlein Hall. That would be the only thing about this ahow that makes any sense.


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